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Building or renovating your dream home is one of the most rewarding things you'll do in your life. 4 Shore Construction Services makes the process easy for our clients, from the design & planning to the finished project. We know how to produce a quality building on time and on budget.  So how do we do this?

1. BUDGET- We ask our clients how much they want to spend, why do we ask this first? because waiting weeks or months for a design only to find out its way over budget just wastes time and money. knowing what our clients budget is from the start makes the process easier for both the builder and the client and builds a successful foundation to work from.

2. DESIGN- With a budget in mind and a specification brief supplied by the client we can now produce a design that ticks every box of the specifications brief while giving the best finishes possible to the budget. Our clients will see everything that we propose clearly in the design brief for no hidden surprises, while also showing them where they can save or spend more money in their design.

3. BUILDING CONTRACT- This document gives our clients the information relating to their project and the steps needed to achieve  completion from both the builder and the client. After a fixed price is agreed the only way the price of the contract can change is if both parties mutually consent through a variation document supplied by the builder.

4. CONSTRUCTION- The construction of a project is the most rewarding part for us and now because of the work done before this our clients can enjoy the experience with us to. This is because every client has a project manager assigned to them that they can contact directly to be informed of the progress of their project, Your project will be built by a passionate team that enjoy coming to work everyday to achieve high quality results and we love a challenge.

5. COMPLETION- All the hard work is done and our clients walk through their finished project for the first time and we can't get the smile off their faces, we outline all the features required by the design brief and show them that it all works and functions as it should. The client now takes ownership of the property which they can enjoy for a lifetime. Our process is simple, easy and it works. 

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